Monitor MCX live rates, share prices on mobiles free

Unlike trading in shares where the profit depends to a large extent on the management of a particular company, trading in commodities is a better option because the commodity prices are determined by a large number of factors and suppliers. People in India often believe in short term trading and also look for little-little profits from various sources. Indian MCX is such a place where you can trade on various commodities and can take risk for a shorter time period. As a result , a large number of people have signed up for commodity exchanges like MCX and are making a living, trading in various commodities like metals , agricultural products, making a profit by correctly predicting the variations in the prices of the commodities. To take this ownership of trading ahead people in India require a bull eye on the trading prices of these commodities. In India, computers and laptops are often expensive and unreliable, so commodity traders prefer to use mobiles for accessing the internet, and are looking for information on Mcx Live Price, mcx live price, mcx share price mcx live rates on mobile free.

Taking into account, the relatively limited usage of computers and laptops in India, compared to mobile phones, MCX has developed the MCX mobile app for accessing the website using both android and Ios based smartphones in India. The mobile app allows the user to watch the market and conveniently track the Mcx Live Price from almost anywhere. They also have launched a mobile site for MCX traders where people can have a look of their shares prices all time. The user can get the mcx live price, mcx share price, mcx live rates on mobile free, so that he or she can take a decision immediately on purchasing or selling the share quickly to maximize the profit. Like most shares, the prices are fluctuating rapidly, so quick decisions have to be taken and implemented. There are also a lot of companies which provide the services related to buy and sell the stocks on call.

This facility is very good for the people who do the trading in part time. But they need to watch the market often to call the companies for taking action on their stocks. Here mcx live price on mobile plays a very important role because people can watch the prices on their mobile phone and be sure and knowledgeable about the rates on current time.
For trading in commodities with a mobile, the user can also get quotes for commodities, track the commodities which are most active in the exchange, and also the top gainers and losers in the market on that particular day or specified period. Charts and commodity market indices can also be tracked, and a Bhavcopy accessed. Delayed feeds are available using the MCX mobile app. The app is designed for use with Mobiles, taking into consideration the small screen size, and mobile internet speeds, expenses. MCX Members who do not use the mobile app can also get updates on prices of all commodities via sms , after registering on the website and activating the service.

Author: is a very famous and fastest growing website in India to watch live mcx share price during the trade session. You can watch mcx share price and trade in MCX India.

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Crude Oil Prices Fail to Sustain 3-Year High Level

Crude oil prices witnessed a rally during the initial days of the starting of the year, reaching a high of US$ 68.27 per barrel at the Brent crude futures, the highest since May 2015. One of the major reasons for the growth had been attributed to strong economic data released by major markets on the back of increasing manufacturing activities on a global scale, which is believed to be highest since 2011. Further, tightening of the physical oil market attributed to the hike in prices as well.

However, the oil prices were not able to maintain the 3-year high on the back of rise in US oil production.

US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures reached US$ 61.40 per barrel by 1140 GMT, which was 61 cents below their last close. WTI has seen its strongest level since May 2015 at US$ 62.21 on the previous day. Similarly, Brent crude futures lost 50 cents to close at US$ 67.57 per barrel. The futures had hit US$ 68.27 per barrel on the previous day, also the highest since May 2015.

Oil prices saw an increase with various factors over the last year. While political tensions in Iran, which is the third-largest oil producing country among OPEC, contributed to price rise, crude oil also received support from cuts in production by Russia and other countries in OPEC.

The production cut, which was initiated in last year January is expected to continue through 2018 as well, which may additionally support the prices of crude oil. This was further supplemented by the US commercial crude inventories witnessing a decrease by 7.4 million barrels during the last of December 2017, ending December 29, 2017, to reach 424.46 million barrels, as per data released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Despite the rise in price, experts are skeptical about sustaining the level as the oil production in Iran is still continuing and has not been impacted by the political unrest. Further, the oil output by the US may soon reach 10 million barrels per day (bpd), the same level that is being reached by Saudi Arabia and Russia so far. This will result in competitive pricing in the market and the bull-run may get curbed in near future.

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Gold Prices to Witness Hike in 2018: Experts

As per commodities experts, gold prices are going to see a rise this year, and may touch US$ 1,700 per ounce or higher. This would be an increase of around US 400 from the current level of US$ 1,300 per ounce.

Although, gold prices witnessed a decline in December last year, experts are much more optimistic for this year. The decrease in the last month of 2017 was due to investors choosing stocks over gold with the tax plan of US President Donald Trump nearing completion.

Experts believe that the prices of the precious metal could see upsurge, but has been artificially curbed due to paper gold trading on Western exchanges. To give an instance, experts at Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland opine that although 1.5 million tons of gold has been estimated to have traded in total volume in the London Over-the-Counter (OTC) gold market, in comparison only 180,000 tons of gold have actually been mined up till date.

However, the trend in paper gold trading is likely to witness a change. Market specialists state that such paper scams will die its death as and when the price of paper gold will decrease to zero or when investors start insisting on receiving physical gold in return for their investments. Along with the western countries, even BRICS countries such as Russia and China are planning to launch gold standard on the basis of physical gold.

With the possible increase in physical gold trade, paper gold trading may witness a decline, which would have far-reaching impact as it could lead to disintegration of the current system of paper trading, and thereby, hiking the pricing of the precious metal.

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